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Going Beyond The Firewall: Why Your Business Needs Managed Cyber Security Services

The world is constantly shrinking, all thanks to the internet! But with great inventions come great misuses as well and that’s exactly what’s been going down in the digital realm. Cybercrime is at an all-time high and no business, be it a big corporate giant or even a small business is safe from attacks by hackers and the mischief of malware. 

More than 54% of businesses have reported having faced hefty losses due to cybercrime. 

Thankfully, cyber services are an immaculate way to make your organization immune to these online threats. In this blog, we are sharing a few crucial reasons why your organization needs managed cyber security services today for a safer and brighter future. 

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Cyber Services 

In today’s day and age if you are a company that is not prioritizing cyber security, then unfortunately you are paving the way for a business environment brimming with online risks. 

Here’s why… 

Data Safeguarding 

The last thing a business wants is for its competitors to steal their product or processes. Managed cyber security services like Nerdster’s are experts in building a defensive fortress around your business with robust firewalls, comprehensive detection systems, and deploying encryption protocols in action. As more and more layers begin to be added to your data, it is nearly impossible for online intruders to penetrate these security walls and access your sensitive business data. 

Reduction In Losses 

It is astonishing to find out that in 2023 it was estimated that the losses due to data breaches stood at a whopping $9.48 Million. It is also easy to guess who could have been affected the worst. 

Small businesses?


However, cyber services can help mitigate these losses by ensuring overall security and bringing the defenses up with high-end security tools. Additionally, you can also prevent thrid part claims that arise due to data breaches, which ultimately adds up to the losses. 

Specialization In Identifying Threats

Cyber security goes way beyond just purchasing anti-virus software. It is easy to deploy tools for security reasons but what happens when you are unable to identify the threat sources? Managed cyber security service providers are masters of their art and are well-equipped with deep knowledge of malicious online activities. They are able to accurately forecast risks and when they may arise. This helps safeguard the whole organization and prepare for risks even before they arise so they can be avoided. 

Continuous Monitoring And Goodwill Enhancement 

Cyber threats can show up at your business’s doorstep at any time and hence they need to be monitored constantly. It is not feasible for a business to keep a constant check on all activities and keep an eye out for online risks because of time constraints and lack of technical competency. 

Obtaining managed cyber security services also enhances a business’s reputation by locking sensitive data in safe hands and keeping cyber criminals at bay. 

Preventing Cyber Threats Is Easy With Nerdster’s Managed Cyber Security Services

Our cyber services are tailored to perfection to cater to your business needs. We provide comprehensive security tools that bring up the defenses of your business and safeguard your data like no other. 

Our 24/7 helpdesk is another catalyst that helps you act promptly in cases of any emergency threats.